CNC 300w co2 laser cutting machine for acrylic leather wood

Laser cutting machine is a kind of laser cutting machine specially developed for the above industries and materials. It adopts the international advanced operation control system with stable performance.The cutting material is not yellow, not black, not loose.No contact working mode, no damage to raw materials.At the same time, it has the functions of automatic typesetting, automatic searching, automatic focusing, convenient operation and high intelligence.At the same time, this laser cutting machine also has a very high “memory” function, which can continue to work on the previous work after the restart.Instead of repeating the previous action.Thus saving a lot of time and not waste material, the price is reasonable, the function is complete.


Technical indicators
Model 1310/1390/1610
Processing area 1300*1000/1300*900/1600*1000
Laser power 40W/60W/80W/100W/120W/150W/300W
Resolution ≤4000DPI
Cutting speed 1-30000mm/min
Engraving speed 1-50000mm/min
The positioning accuracy ≤±0.015mm
Minimum molding text 2*2mm
Working power 220V 50HZ
Total power <1200w
Working platform stainless steel honeycomb board.
Image format PLT丶CDR丶BMP丶JPG丶DLT丶DXF丶DMG ,etc


  1. Adopt international advanced DSP operation control system with stable performance.
  2. No contact working mode, no deformation of cutting materials, no burning edges.
  3. Intelligent typesetting, red light intelligent positioning, can cut off and continue carving, offline work, laser energy automatic adjustment, easy to operate.
  4. American original imported guide rail and servo motor are stable and reliable, with high cutting precision and fast speed.
  5. Adopt servo drive, imported belt transmission, non-slip edge, low friction force, small resistance, smooth operation.
  6. The cutting material is not black and yellow.No loose edges, small cut gaps.
  7. At the same time, it can also be used for hollowed-out, denim ironing and fabric coke, with powerful functions and reliable performance.
  8. Optional multi-laser head, multi-shift, high efficiency and good cutting effect.

Application Industrial

Clothing fabric industry, leather shoes industry, wallpaper cloth art industry, plush toy industry, craft paper cutting industry, decorative decoration, sponge and other industries.

Application Materials

All kinds of polyester fabric, ultra-fine fiber dust, non-woven fabric, nylon, canvas, denim, etc., most of the cloth, shoes garment, leather embroidery, PU, PP and other leather materials;Non-woven fabric, plush cloth, electrostatic suit and other flexible fabrics, real leather shoes, cushion, wallpaper paste, craft paper, sponge rod and other materials.


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