1325 CO2 laser cutting machine for paper


Model HY640/HY960
Work area 600*400/900*600mm
Laser power 40W/60W/80W/100W/120W/150W/300W
Cutting speed 1-30000mm/min
Engraving speed 1-55000mm/min
XY positioning accuracy ≤±0.01mm
Support format BMP, PLT, DST, DWG, AI, CDR, DXS, DTF, etc.
Power supply 220V 50HZ
Power consumption 1500W
Transfer method USB2.0, USB disk, cable
Support software PHOTOSHOP, AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW and other engraving software

Note: industrial water chiller, adsorption machine, purifier, air pump and other accessories are included in the product.


1. Using the most advanced 32-bit DSP high-speed independent computing control card, good performance, not lag
2. All-optical isolation system coupled with high-speed differential input and output circuit design, can simultaneously achieve 12 working state output, 16 state inputs, easy to achieve with the user’s real-time work docking
3. Using imported side rail and imported motor, high precision and fast
4. Cut without notch, cutting surface bright and transparent, smooth and burr-free, while no polishing
5. Optional auto-focus and automatic optical attenuation compensation technology, a high degree of intelligence, users can easily achieve the desired cutting results
6. The use of infrared positioning system, automatic positioning, active compensation, without manual operation, convenient and efficient, high efficiency.
7. Optional multi-laser head, greatly improve work efficiency

Application Industrial

Widely used in the acrylic, advertising decoration, mold, wood products, epoxy resin, EVA, PVC/PET/PP/PU, aquatic products, paper cutting paste, photography, clothing accessories, college education.

Application Materials

All kinds of touch screen, conductive film, backlight, diffusion film, wood, paper, rubber, leather, organic glass, acrylic, resin, fiber cloth and composite materials, acrylic crafts, advertising decoration, advertising products, logo making, hotel props, furniture decoration put supplies, VCD/DVD and other household electrical appliance panel glass PVC, plywood, poplar plywood, double color plate, plastic plate, bamboo and wood, light board, ABS board, MDF board; film, gasket (mobile phone, 3M, PET, gasket) PT, PC, PP, PS, PCR, SMT, ITO, EMI EL, all kinds of adhesive material, membrane switch, touch panel, electronic insulation materials, foam, cardboard (paper), printed circuit board, corrugated cardboard, cardboard, paperboard, foam board, plastic board, thin board, adhesive paper, gray board paper Composite material, gasket, etc..


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