1310 80 Watt Co2 laser wood paper cutting machine

CCD laser cutting machine can fully automatic imaging, automatic edge-finding, automatic identification and other

intelligent features through the visual system and computer software to work together to automatically cut the

material tracking and compensation technology to fully compensate for the material itself Subtle stretching or

deformation caused by the error, cutting error is maintained at ± 0.001mm, cutting accuracy is correct. System

automatically identify, without post-operation, cutting efficiency is also greatly improved.


Model(Optional) 1390 960 1310 1360 1610 1810 1910
Working area(mm) 1300×900 900×600 1300×1000 1300*600 1600×1000 1800*1000 1900*1000
Item 1310 80 Watt Co2 laser wood paper cutting machine
Working power 60W/80W/100W/130W/150W/300W
Laser type CO2 Sealed laser tube,10.6um
Cooling type Water cooling
Engraving speed 0-700mm/s
Cutting speed 0-500mm/s
Laser output control 0-100% set by software
Minimum molding text 2*2mm
Resolution ≤4000DPI
Controlling software Triumphlasersoft(can be connect with Adobe illustrator, coreldraw, AutoCAD)
Locating accuracy ±0.01
Graphic format supported DST PLT BMP DXF DWGAI LAS,etc
Compatible software Coreldraw, photoshop, autocad, tajima,etc.
Color separation Yes
Auxiliary equipments Exhaust fan and air exhaust pipe
Power supply 110V-220V+10% 50HZ/60HZ
Drive system High-precision servo motor
Working Environment Temperature:0-45C,Humidity:5-95%
Standard configuration CW-5000/5200 Water Chiller, Aluminum knives, Air Compressor,
Exhaust blower/Smoke pipe, High quality guiding rails,
Imported Optical Lens, RECI, EFR, Yongli brand Laser tube-10000hours’ lifetime, Emergency stop,
No-water protecting, USB offline control system,
Double-side opening door (Mainly suitable for long materials’ engraving|cutting.)
Recommand Lens,mirriors,laser tube for spare parts


Application Industrial

Apparel & Fabric Industry, Leather Industry, Weaving Label Industry, Textile & Textile Industry, Trademark Industry.


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